Kudos From Colleagues

Here are a few nice things some nice people had to say about me:

Jill has excellent communication skills, work ethic, and attention to detail, through her many years of experience in the field of journalism. She is also very well-organized and reliable, adheres to deadlines, and exhibits the skills required to be both a team player and a leader. — JOANNE HAYES

I had the pleasure of working with Jill while she was the editor of Simply Buckhead magazine. As a manager, Jill is whip-smart, thorough, detail-oriented, and kind. She cultivates relationships that matter, writes beautiful stories, and is an eagle-eyed editor. I wholeheartedly recommend her for editorial work or corporate storytelling. She’s a gem!” — JENNIFER FRANKLIN

Jill is resourceful, hard working, diligent, creative, clever, and fun to work with. She’s the kind of writer you want for an assignment that has lots of challenges because she’s so responsible, and you can trust that she has the experience to get the job done. — LISA OCKER

I have been using Jill Becker as a writer for years and her copy is always stellar. Not only is her writing well-researched, sharp, and entertaining, but
she never misses a deadline and her copy requires very little to no editing. Jill is also a skilled editor with an amazing eye for detail that is virtually
unmatched in the industry. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for either a freelance writer or editor. — AMY ROBINSON

Jill Becker is one of the most professional, enthusiastic, and talented editors I know. She consistently takes the extra steps needed to ensure her publication—and her writers’ work—shines. Jill is one of the few editors I would follow to any publication; she’s really that good. — NANCY DUNHAM

Not everyone can make subjects like plumbing interesting. Jill constantly takes challenging topics and turns them into thoroughly enjoyable
and interesting reads. Her writing is not only clever, but consistently clean and dependable. — CASEY CASTEEL

Jill Becker brings the keen and critical eye of a truly professional editor to her work. Her talents allowed us to achieve a far better and more
readable manuscript and contributed greatly to the success of our book. — RANDY SOUTHERLAND

I manage a 400+ page publication and the proofreader I normally work with was unavailable. Fortunately, it was Jill to the rescue! A colleague referred
her to me, and after working with Jill, I can safely say she is my new go-to proofreader. She was a very quick study on how our process worked and, at the
end of the day, she wrapped up the project perfectly on schedule and provided the exact edits I was looking for. — ROBERT DUNCAN

As a mentor to our editorial team, Jill shared her techniques openly and encouraged us to employ our creative thinking. I have also hired
Jill as a freelancer, and her work always exceeds my expectations. She is highly detailed and has a critical yet humorous approach
to writing that manages to push the written word to a superior level. — BARBARA COOTS

Jill is an extremely capable, creative, professional, and hardworking individual who not only has solid editorial skills, but who also understands
business and business relationships, their workings and importance. She works well under deadline pressure and can be counted on to deliver
whatever assignments are asked of her
. Jill would be a tremendous asset to any employer or for any project. — NEWTON B. COLLINSON IV

Jill Becker’s responsiveness, upbeat personality, and professionalism make her one of my favorite editors to work with. She has a
knack for working in the best interest of both the writers and the publication, ensuring that the best interests of all parties are served. I highly
recommend Jill as an editor and look forward to working with her for years to come. — SARAH WETZEL REISS

Over the course of 11 years working with Jill, I can attest to the fact that she was a vital, thinking part of our team. The understanding of the job required of her is immediate, and her final performance of the task is thorough, professional, and exact. — LISA BEARDEN

Jill Becker rocks. When I assign something to her, I know it’s going to come in clean and on time and exactly as discussed. She’s
written for such a wide range of publications that she easily nailed the tone of our publication the first time. She’s also a seasoned pro at
interviewing and profiling executives and public figures—a major asset in a contributing writer. — MARIA CARTER

Jill is a great manager, a talented writer, and a skilled editor. When I worked with Jill, she became more of a mentor than a manager. She always
offered great feedback and constructive criticism, and she was very open-minded and receptive to new ideas. She proved herself to be not only an
effective manager, but also a great communicator and creative problem-solver. As a writer, she has a unique style that engages readers, and she possesses
a knowledge of the travel industry that enables her to write informative and entertaining stories. — LAURA MOSS

Jill Becker has been a trusted resource for many years. In addition to her keen eye for spelling and grammatical issues, she is able to analyze a whole
body of work, making sure that every word choice serves the final goal of the piece. — MICHELLE RENEAU